The Greek Revival House

The Greek Revival style was the last incarnation of the Neo-Classical style in architecture. Coming about in the late 18th c as the ruins of Greece and Rome were being explored by gentlemen on the grand tour, it was a reaction against the florid excess of the Rococo.

Camden house by John Verge was completed in 1835 and based upon the Palladian principle of a central two storied block flanked by two symmetrical pavilions. Built of stuccoed sandstock brick upon sandstone foundations. Columns and other architectural features were cut from local Hawkesbury sandstone with all the joinery in Australian Cedar.

Built for the wool industry pioneers John and Elizabeth Macarthur. Camden Park along with Elizabeth Bay House also by Verge is one of Australia's most important late Georgian - Greek Revival houses. One of the most endearing things about the house is that it is still lived in by the Macarthur family. There is one open weekend a year where you can go and take a look, here is a link.