Callington Mill, Oatlands, Tasmania

Callington Mill is a working Lincolnshire tower mill built in 1837 in Oatlands, Tasmania by John Vincent. It is in full working order and since restoration in 2010 produces freshly milled Flour, Bran, Buckwheat and Oats available for purchase. One of many amazing Georgian buildings you can visit and explore in Tasmania, it is the third oldest windmill in Australia.

"The Callington Mill, in the township of Oatlands, considered one of the first rate windmills in the country, and surpassed by none in its situation for business. Fitted up with two pair of good stones, (French burrs,) dressing and smut machines ; together with a very respectable dwelling house, attached to which is a counting house and small store, washhouse and servants' bedroom. On the premises is a good granary, stable, chaise and cart houses, with piggeries and fowl house, and about two acres of garden ground in cultivation"